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An essay by a Horace Mann School principal on her remembrances of Alexander Graham Bell and his association with the school. Bound volume includes photographs of Mabel Adams, Alexander Graham Bell, and other Horace Mann teachers and students.

threat 1837 Folder 2.jpg
An anonymous note threatening fire sent to the Boston city government

Tax Record for Ruth Ann Pomeroy, Street Book 7A, page 26

Tax Record For James Nash, Street Book 7A, page 21

Tax Record for John Millen, Street Book 12B, page 409

Fallacies Concerning the Deaf, and the Influence of these Fallacies in Preventing the Amelioration of their Condition, an Address delivered before the Philosophical Society of Washington, October 27, 1883

Charts illustrating Visible Speech, a method invented by Alexander Melville Bell to teach speech to the deaf

This prize book containing essays and poems in both English and Latin was awarded to high achieving students at the Boston Latin School.

This school manual contains lists of schools, school districts, teachers, school committee members, and other school staff.

City of Boston School Committee report on the School for Deaf Mutes, later renamed the Horace Mann School for the Deaf
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