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Letter from Michael Desmond requesting compensation from the City of Boston for damages incurred to his store and merchandise during the Broad Street Riots on 11 June 1837.

Report on the Broad Street Riots of June 11, prepared by Mayor Samuel A. Eliot and a joint committee.

Letter to the Mayor and Aldermen requesting assistance after the writer's house was looted.

List of Boston firefighters arranged by engine

Fire Companies opinions 1837 Folder 1.jpg
Records of a meeting at which members of Boston fire companies and engines stated their opinions and objections to the Boston Fire Department and its rules and regulations.

Mayor letter re feelings of Engineers 1837 p1 folder 2.jpg
Letter from Mayor Samuel A. Eliot to Fire Department engineers responding to uncertainty about the engineers participation in the Fire Department

threat 1837 Folder 2.jpg
An anonymous note threatening fire sent to the Boston city government

Rules and regulations governing the actions of the Boston Fire Department in responding to fires outside the Boston city limits

Photographs of chief fire engineers published in A. W. Brayley's History of the Boston Fire Department

Letter to the Mayor and Aldermen resolving to discover who vandalized the Congress Fire Engine and offering a fifty dollar reward for the detection of the vandal.
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